Maemo Diablo Applications Backup

Ok, the zipped backup is available here. You should set your N800 (I can't assure it will work completely with N810, test and tell me) to do backups on the external card. That way you will be able to open the zip file and dump its contents (with directories, of course) in the "backup" directory that's automatically created there. Once you have done that, you will only need to run the backup/restore manager and restore from the backup called Packages.
This backup uses 24 repositories (official ones included) and 82 packages: less gpe-timesheet vpnc-gui maemo-control-services openntpd openssh-server btaudit libgstapp0.10 libuiw gpesummary openvpn advanced-backlight gconf-editor openssh maemo-control gnumeric pidgin maemo-mapper gpesyncd xev xmodmap gnokii-gconf easychem macchanger vpnc maemo-control-usb bash2 python2.5-pysqlite2 wget gpe-todo xkbdbthid wirelesstools rdesktop map gpe-contacts aircrack-ptw ukmp lybniz camera wifiinfo usbcontrol gpe-calendar p0f kwarto links2 osso-software-version-rx34 becomeroot skype openssh-client maemo-recorder aircrack-ng diskusage gizmo-project socat vncviewer tsocks maemo-pan cbrpager libgnokii4 libgnokii3 screen mplayer maemo-periodic abiword erminig videocamera sgt-puzzles osso-statusbar-cpu mytube pidgin-emotes-default tuner iodine fmradio pidgin-extprefs nmap gftp-gtk phonelink telnet pidgin-l10n unrar links bluemaemo.

Of these, the ones I use moste are gpe*, openssh*, pidgin, maemo-mapper, wget, camera, wifiinfo, usbcontorl, becomeroot, skype, aircrack-ng, gizmo-project, vncviewer, screen, mplater, fmradio. I also have installed osso-xterm, zip, unzip but they don't show up here for some strange reason.

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