Setting wifi up (University of Valladolid, Palencia Campus edition) and other information

There are two ways to get wireless access at the Palencia campus:


This is an open network that requires no configuration. When using it you will need to go to some web page and will be sent to an identification website where you will type your username and password. For the time being, you can use this month's temporary data:
Username: relint@uva.es
Password: Vr1a6a2W


Eduroam requires specific configuration details but it allows you to automatically connect (and not only at our university because it is an international wireless network). Thus, if you already have Eduroam set up in your device you shouldn't need to do anything at all: you will connect automatically.

Setting up Eduroam is quite straightforward in most cases, but there are always some exceptions. If you have a Windows phone you are out of luck, though. There is no support as far as we know, as of this entry's date, for TTLS and PAP on Windows phones. You will have to use uva_wifi.

For Windows 8 and later and Apple devices the quickest way to set Eduroam up is to go to the Eduroam automated configuration tool website and follow the instructions after selecting Universidad de Valladolid. Keep in mind that Windows 8 and 10 do not give you a long time to type your username and password before failing. You can access the Eduroam configuration site from our library using the wireless network ConfiguraEduroam.

If you have an Android device you should find several paper sheets all over the Campus that explain how to set it up.

If you have Windows 7 or don't manage to set your device up for some reason, we are available at room AD0.01 in the main study building (Aulario, the short wide white building you were welcomed at).

While waiting to get your personal username and password for university services you can use this temporary data:
Username: relint@uva.es
Password: Vr1a6a2W

Interesting websites

You can reach most of these through the main university site, but just in case...
Main university website: http://www.uva.es/
Palencia campus website: http://www.palencia.uva.es/
School website: http://www5.uva.es/etsiiaa/
Library website: http://almena.uva.es/
Personal information website (useful for changing your password and redirecting your student e-mail): http://miportal.uva.es/
Student webmail: http://webmail.alumnos.uva.es
Student academic information: http://sigma.uva.es/Inicio/Alumnos/
Online campus: http://campusvirtual2015.uva.es/

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